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Atlantic City, with its famous boardwalk that inspired the game of Monopoly and its many casinos and resorts, is the best known city on the New Jersey coast. However, it’s not the only town worth seeing, or living in. Smaller towns with beautiful beaches and gorgeous views are scattered up and down the Jersey Shore. They offer plenty of things to do as well as providing the small-town feel that many people desire.


Sea Isle City, for instance, has about 3 Vince Wilfork Super Bowl 50 Jersey ,000 year-round residents. It is located in the southernmost New Jersey county, Cape May County, and it features five miles of lovely beaches. Widely known for its European charm and fine dining opportunities, it also offers many activities and attractions. These include water sports, deep sea fishing, boutique shopping, a boardwalk with lots of family activities and a thriving nightlife with plenty of live music. The city plays host to many unique festivals throughout the year that are fun for both residents and visitors. Fun-filled summers and a quiet, relaxing off-season make this an excellent place to live or own a vacation home.


If you really want to get away from it all, the tiny Jersey Shore town of Barnegat Light might be just what you are looking for. Located at the tip of Long Beach Island in Ocean County Tom Savage Super Bowl 50 Jersey , this village has only 800 year round residents, including vacation operators and some retirees. It is home to Barnegat Lighthouse State Park, featuring the second tallest lighthouse in the United States as well as a protected region that is one of the last remaining maritime forest areas on Long Beach Island. Fishing is a popular draw to this little burg, with a wide variety of saltwater fish that can be caught from the shore or from one of the charter boats that serve the area. Bird watching, boating, tennis and just lounging on the beach are other enjoyable activities for residents and visitors alike.


If you work in the Big Apple but you’d like to find a home in a smaller town, Highlands in northern Monmouth County might be ideal. Only a 40 minute ferry ride from Wall Street, this town has 5,000 residents year round. It features a thriving nightlife Shane Lechler Super Bowl 50 Jersey , many excellent seafood restaurants, resorts and hotels. Additionally, it’s located right across the bay from Sandy Hook Beach, offering seven miles of coastline and plenty of outdoor activities. The town has about 5,000 year round residents, and offers a vibrant nightlife and lots of options for lovers of the outdoors. It also boasts the first twin lighthouse ever constructed – aptly named Twin Lights – and a unique maritime museum.


Longport, New Jersey is a small residential hometown with city convenience nearby. On the southernmost point of Absecon Island, this quiet village has about 1,100 residents and no hotels. It features a tranquil atmosphere and relaxing beaches Ryan Griffin Super Bowl 50 Jersey , yet is merely fifteen minutes from Atlantic City and five minutes from shopping at Somer’s Point and the attracti.

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